Doug Burkett

Originally from Southern California, Doug found his way to the central coast to enroll at Cuesta CC. Education being the second most important thing behind making friends, Doug was able to hone in on some strengths that would help send him on his way to the wine industry.

Fast forward a couple years and few moves, Doug co-founded Rebel Coast Winery in 2012 and played hooky from real life until 2017. Moving on from the hustle and bustle of the South Bay (LA) and the RCW lifestyle, Doug went north and planted himself at the family Ranch in Central California.

There at the Ranch, Doug was able to start his new venture of providing quality beef for wineries and their club members. But once again the wine lifestyle came calling and Doug was unable to hold out any longer!

Again picking up and moving into Paso Robles, CA...

A few bumps in the road and chance encounter with a brewery and we finally have Iron Oaks Winery and tasting room that if full of good people, positive vibes and damn good wine.

1346 Railroad St.

Paso Robles, CA

Wine'em , Dine'em