Our Story


When I decided to get back in to the wine industry I knew i wanted to do it with one thing in mind, have fun. The last winery I was an owner of I lost siight of that and I soley focused on ourselves and not others. I knew this time around I couldn't let that happen. Iron Oaks came out of necessity to bring approachable and relatable wines that anyone could enjoy but still grab the attention of even the most seasoned wine sipper. Iron Oaks was built for everyone and we show that through the way we live and welcome everyone.. Positive Vibes, great people and damn good wine, that's what Iron Oaks is about.


Owner, Winemaker, Head Bar Fly...

Doug "The VinoCowboy" Burkett

I didn't know a damn thing about wine when I first started, but I did know that women loved wine. Found your passion? 

I started back in 2010 sellin some juice for a friend and helped their wine label grow, had some fun, learned some tricks and eventually found myself bartending in Sacramento and slingin wine half the time.

A chance phone call from the past and I moved to San Francisco to help start a new wine brand we called Rebel Coast Winery. A ridiculous 5 year stretch of shenanigans and wine things led me to leaving in the fall of 2017...usually how partenrships go, it had to end.

That fall I moved to our family ranch and started my cattle business DD Cattle Co. This brought me down to Paso Robles where a chance encounter with some pretty cool guys opened the door to re-start my wine dream.

In 2018 Iron Oaks Winery was born, you'll have to get the rest of the story from me in the tasting room. Right now I'm gettin mighty thirsty. Cheers.